About Andy

tell us a little bit about yourself...

I was born and raised in Wolverhampton and went to school in Perton and Codsall. I went to university at Leeds College of Music and studied music production before moving back to Wolverhampton in 2011.

Most of my teaching career has happened alongside working in the music industry. I’ve been a guitar teacher, a guitarist/singer in a wedding and function band, a sound engineer for music festivals, a music event manager and promoter, had a recording studio and done some graphic design work. Anything musical or creative and I’m there!

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love to see the students’ amazing original works. Whether it is a short film, a song they have written or a piece of artwork. We have some incredibly talented creative students.

I joined Telford College as a music technology teacher, and it was my dream job in teaching. I loved the amazing facilities and equipment I would get to use in my lessons. I’ve also had the benefit of working with some great people!

How do you and your team get the best out of students?

We show students the possibilities of where hard work can take them. This could be university or higher education at the college and/or their dream job. Through trips and guest speakers, we inspire students to reach their potential

what do you do in your spare time?

Playing and watching football (the mighty Wolves) and hanging out with my 2-year-old daughter hunting for Gruffalo in the woods. One thing people might know about me? I produced a track that got to number one in the iTunes UK country music charts!




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