Apprentice FAQs

Apprenticeship provision

Classroom based lessons will re-commence on site from the 8th March, in order of priority of assessment requirements, apprentices, assessors and employers will be contacted directly to advise.

Employer based assessments will continue to be risk-assessed, and on-site visits will continue to be planned in accordance with these risk assessments.

Assessor reviews with apprentices will continue remotely.

Functional Skills lessons for apprentices will also continue to be delivered remotely and will be reviewed before Easter.

This is unknown. We will be guided by the advice of the Government, and its team of experts.

We will contact students when we know more about how grades will be calculated.

Your employer’s human resources department should be able to give you more details. However, apprentices will continue to be supported through a range of technical resources including Smart Assessor and Microsoft Teams, in addition to telephone and email. Managers, mentors and apprentices will continue to receive our ongoing support.

Please email with questions.

Awarding organisations are working with colleges and training providers to ensure we can still complete EPA’s using remote technology where possible. Some EPA’s do require a face to face assessment, where it is not possible to change this to a remote option we will work with apprentices and employers to book the EPA as soon as possible under the required Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.

You will not need to wait for your Functional Skills certificate to be issued before you are put forward for your EPA, as soon as your assessor confirms they have the required evidence to support your predicted grade, they will then work with you and your employer to book your EPA.

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education has announced that all end point assessment flexibilities put in place due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will be extended. We have also introduced a temporary flexibility to allow apprenticeship certificates to be sent to an alternative address if the employers office is closed.

Further details on these changes can be found in the guidance on providing apprenticeships during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

You can still apply for live vacancies on our website  and join our talent pool by completing the form on the apprenticeships page of our website. Interviews with employers are being carried out using a variety of online applications such as Microsoft Teams, Skype and Facetime.

Please email for more support.

Yes, your assessor will continue to support you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required as part of your apprenticeship, if you have to complete Functional Skills in Maths and English this can also be supported whilst you are working from home. The time you spend working on your apprenticeship (apart from your Functional Skills) can also be recorded towards your 20% OTJT.

Not at all, this opportunity for you to develop new skills within a different role will further support your knowledge, skills and behaviours. This time can be recorded towards your 20% OTJT. Your assessor will still be able to contact you and support you with regular meetings. Our assessment team can work flexibly around you, please speak to your assessor if you need to arrange flexible times to meet online to discuss your progress.

Our student services team is on hand to provide support and advice, please contact and 01952 642452

Yes, you need to ensure your employer is paying you the national minimum wage for an apprentice. If your employer is topping up the additional 20% then this won’t be an issue.

If you have been made redundant you need to contact your assessor or the apprenticeship team straight away so that we can support you. We will support you to find new apprenticeship or transfer to new employer. Redundancy advice can be found here. 

If you have less than 6 months remaining of your apprenticeship, you can continue your apprenticeship training without being employed, the team can discuss these options with you as it will depend on you having the required evidence in place for you to sit your End Point Assessment.