Apprentice FAQs

This section is updated regularly as soon as we receive any new information. LAST UPDATE: 08/04/2020 13:59

No, but from Monday March 23 it is only open for students who are most vulnerable, or those whose parents or carers are classified as ‘key workers’. To ensure the health and safety of staff and students, we need to keep social mobility to a minimum – which means everyone else should now be studying or working from home.

This is unknown. We will be guided by the advice of the Government, and its team of experts, but we are planning for the new academic year to begin in September.

We will contact students when we know more about how grades will be calculated.

Your employer’s human resources department should be able to give you more details. However, apprentices will continue to be supported through a range of technical resources including Smart Assessor and Microsoft Teams, in addition to telephone and email. Managers, mentors and apprentices will continue to receive our ongoing support.

Awarding organisations are working with colleges and training providers to ensure we can still complete EPA’s using remote technology where possible. Some EPA’s do require a face to face assessment, this is currently under review to see if this can be changed to a remote option. We will update all employers and apprentices once this has been confirmed. Functional Skills exams can be sat using Evolve software rather than paper-based exams, with a manager invigilating the exam.

You can still apply for live vacancies on our website  and join our talent pool by completing the form on the apprenticeships page of our website. Interviews with employers are being carried out using a variety of online applications such as Microsoft Teams, Skype and Facetime.

Yes, your assessor will continue to support you with the knowledge, skills and behaviours required as part of your apprenticeship, if you have to complete Functional Skills in Maths and English this can also be supported whilst you are working from home. The time you spend working on your apprenticeship (apart from your Functional Skills) can also be recorded towards your 20% OTJT.

Not at all, this opportunity for you to develop new skills within a different role will further support your knowledge, skills and behaviours. This time can be recorded towards your 20% OTJT. Your assessor will still be able to contact you and support you with regular meetings. Our assessment team can work flexibly around you, please speak to your assessor if you need to arrange flexible times to meet online to discuss your progress.

Our student services team is on hand to provide support and advice. Call 01952 642237, or email

Yes, you need to ensure your employer is paying you the national minimum wage for your age. If your employer is topping up the additional 20% then this won’t be an issue.