Why should I choose an apprenticeship?

Laura Perry

A real alternative to university

With entry-level, higher and even degree level apprenticeships available, you can go as far as you choose – even all the way to a Bachelor’s degree – while earning a wage and gaining real world experience. What’s more, unlike university, an apprenticeship is government-funded, meaning there’s nothing for you to pay.

A student leaving university could end up with more than £50,000 worth of debt – before they’ve earned their very first wage!

Start earning straight away

You’ll be developing job specific skills that you’ll use for a lifetime, and earning a wage as you do.

There’s no set amount, but your employer will pay at least the National Minimum Wage, and some employers will pay more.
You’ll be entitled to at least 20 hours per year holiday pay, and you’re paid for the hours you spend at college or training too.

GKN Engineering | Telford College
Emma Tribe

Be who you want to be

It doesn’t matter how old you are, what stage you’re at in your career or whether you’re thinking of retraining entirely and starting your dream job – anyone can do an apprenticeship.

Emma, right, is 36 and decided to start a career as a healthcare assistant that would fit around her family life. She’s now working for the NHS Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust and loves the flexibility of her new role.

The experience you need

Each apprenticeship pathway is designed by employers in your industry, together with the Sector Skills Council – meaning every programme is created with your key work skills and career success in mind.

Many employers value practical job experience as much as a qualification, so an apprenticeship really does help supercharge your career.

Get qualified

You’ll be gaining plenty of practical skills, but you’re also achieving relevant and recognised qualifications that’ll support your on-the-job learning.

For some employers, these industry-specific qualifications are often seen as equally or more valuable than a Bachelor’s degree in a similar field. With your additional experience and hands-on training, you’ll be a cut above the rest when it comes to job progression.

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