Teaching assistant

Teaching assistant courses

Teaching assistant courses are specially designed if you enjoy being with children and young people and you’re enthusiastic about sharing your knowledge, being a teaching assistant could be the career for you. You need to be a good communicator; ready to work hard in an environment that can be quite tough; resilient, flexible and well organised. It also helps to have a sense of humour.

Teaching assistant courses | Telford college courses for adultsThe role of a teaching assistant is certainly challenging, but it can be immensely rewarding.

There are few other professions that have the potential to make such a difference to individual lives – not only to a young person’s career, but to their wider interests, personal development, confidence and wellbeing.

Teaching assistants work in a wide variety of settings, in schools and colleges from nursery to secondary level, in further or higher education, and in the statutory and private sectors.

You can work as a general teacher assistant (particularly in a primary school, where teaching assistants tend to work across the whole curriculum); specialise in one subject area; or focus on children with special educational needs.


Teaching assistant courses are perfect for a career as…

  • Teaching assistant
  • Classroom assistant
  • SEN support worker
  • Young person’s carer
  • Training Officer in a private training organisation
  • Quality manager within the education sector
  • Ideal for those looking to progress into teaching in the future

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