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that take on an apprentice report benefits to their business

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stay with the same employer

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stay in employment after finishing their apprenticeship

I want to recruit an apprentice

The apprenticeship team works closely with you assisting to recruit the best candidate for your organisation, we promote nationally as well as to our own students helping you to select the most suitable person.

Advertising a vacancy

The apprenticeship team will work with you to recruit, select and provide training for your organisation.

We will advertise your vacancy with a range of support from:

  • Apprenticeship vacancies online
  • Future Focus
  • Job Centre Plus
  • At Telford College and on our website
  • In the local community
  • Careers/skills events

Discover the professional support we offer to our employers.

I want to develop an existing employee

Telford College offers apprenticeships for existing employees aged 16 plus in many different sector areas enabling your workforce to gain nationally recognized qualifications through the programme.

As a provider we work in partnership with employers just like you, to help develop the skills and knowledge of your existing employees. In return this will help meet the needs of your business, improve performance, increase productivity and help to avoid skills gaps in the future. If you are an employer wanting to provide individuals with an apprenticeship opportunity within your organisation.

Contact us on 01952 642452 or email engage@telfordcollege.ac.uk

we work with employers like you

"We’re looking forward to developing our relationship with the college who source and train all of our apprentices. We’ve been working with Telford College for a number of years and some of our early apprentices are now in pivotal roles within the company.”
Alan Filmer
Apprenticeship Manager at Muller
"Bespoke are advocates of apprenticeships, with 50% of our workforce having taken some type of apprenticeship training. Apprentices we've recruited come with a thirst to learn and an absolute desire to do well. If you're a business owner and not sure of the value of apprentices, take a look into the benefits."
Chris Pallett
Managing Director at Bespoke Computing Ltd

meet our team

Claire Barker | Telford College

Claire Barker

assistant principal

Claire completed her degree at Manchester Metropolitan University in Teaching and subsequently completed her Masters at Staffordshire University in Education Leadership… read more

Beckie Bosworth


engagement manager

Having worked in education for 16 years, 14 of those years at Telford College, Beckie heads up the Business Development and Work Placement team. She believes in building strong and effective working relationships with stakeholders that are built on honesty, trust and support…read more

Lora Rogers



Lora’s role allows her to nurture talented people every day, offering help and advice and giving young people guidance which is very rewarding. Lora enjoys matching a candidate and employer to create a strong partnership…read more

Chris Field




Having worked within the industry for a number of years, Chris joined Telford College to be part of a new, ambitious team ready to support local businesses. His philosophy is very simple – to listen to the needs of each company and give easy and honest advice…read more

Katie McKeown



Katie feels extremely lucky to join such an inspiring team. From the first moment of seeing the job specification she felt it had her name all over it, and is a very hands on learner herself. Katie guides talented and inspiring candidates…read more

Graham Reynolds

business programme

manager for


Graham has worked at Telford College’s for 13 years, and has been the Business Programme Manager for the College’s Employability provision since 2019.  He enjoys the challenges that come with working in adult education…read more