We've finished our 2018/2019 full time enrolment.

We do enrol on some professional and part time courses throughout the year, please leave your details for more information about our open events and part time and university-level opportunities.

Why enrol?

Here are 6 reasons why you should choose Telford College.

Meet Molly Coulson

Molly achieved A level Maths – Grade A*; A level Further Maths – Grade A*; A level Chemistry – Grade A; A level Physics - Grade A
Former School: Charlton School
“I got two A* and two As, and am really pleased. It means I’ve been able to go off to study physics at the University of Birmingham. I’m shocked at how well I did in my A levels, but I’m so happy with what I’ve achieved in my time at Telford College.”
Molly has progressed to Russell Group, University of Birmingham to study physics.

10 things to know about enrolment next year

Here are a few more details about what you can expect when you enrol:

  1. Everyone is in the same boat so if you’re a bit nervous it’s ok because everyone else will be too.
  2. You’ll be welcomed and shown where to go to enrol on your course.
  3. When you enrol we’ll check your GCSE results and your identification, it’s important to enrol the right students on the right course.
  4. If you didn’t get the GCSE results you were hoping for, don’t worry, you can speak to one of our helpful advisors to discuss your options.
  5. It will take up to two hours to enrol. 
  6. You’ll probably see a few people you know enrolling at the same time.
  7. We’ll give you a student badge which you’ll need to wear when you start in September.
  8. You’ll be given your timetable so you’ll know which days you’re in college.
  9. Our grants team will be on-hand so anyone who needs financial support whilst they’re at college can apply for it at enrolment.
  10. You can leave knowing your place is secure and you’re ready to start your course
Molly Coulson | A level results day | Telford College

Molly Coulson | A level results day | Telford College