• Fri

    Electrical Sector Employers – breakfast event

    7:45 am → 9:00 am Telford College, Haybridge Road

What’s happening?

We’re holding a FREE breakfast event for all electrical installation employers here at Telford College in our virtual reality suite.

We’re bringing businesses together to help us to drive forward the skills and experiences you need from college leavers. Helps us shape our curriculum so you receive better trained and qualified apprentices.

Who’ll be there?

An industry expert will be discussing how they’re already working with us with work placements, apprenticeships and talking about their partnership with Telford College.

What’s new?

We’re creating employer hubs and focus groups locally to raise the awareness of the electrical installation industry placement and apprenticeship programmes.

Being part of the hubs will be your opportunity to have first choice access to our students and to ensure we’re teaching the most suitable curriculum.

Industry placements mean you can engage with our current students and offer meaningful opportunities to your future workforce.

Why do you need to come?

  • Opportunity to network with others in your sector
  • Help Telford College to shape the curriculum
  • Voice your concerns, skills shortages how we can help
  • Ongoing involvement opportunities and partnership working with Telford college
  • Free funding opportunities available
  • Incentives available – £1,000 incentive for new 16-18 year old apprentices
  • AND Free breakfast!

Register HERE to show your support to your industry