• Mon

    Twilight taster | A levels | Vocational | Apprenticeships | Degree-level courses

    4:30 pm → 6:00 pm

Register for a taster to experience student life and our ultra-modern facilities.

· Monday 28 January – Thursday 31 January 4.30pm – 6pm

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Abraham Darby
Adams Grammar School
Belvidere School
Bridgnorth Endowed
Burton Borough School
Charlton School
Codsall High School
Ercall Wood Technology College
Grange School (Shrewsbury)
Grove School
Holy Trinity Academy
Idsall School
Madeley Academy
Mary Webb School
Meole Brace School
Oldbury Wells School
Priory School (Shrewsbury)
Queensway HLC North
Queensway HLC South
Sir John Talbot
Southall School
Sundorne School
Telford Langley School
Telford Park School
Telford Priory School
Thomas Telford School
William Brookes School
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Thank you for registering for Twilight Tasters

Once you’ve registered your tasters you’ll get a confirmation email with the subjects you’ve selected.

Please keep a note of your tasters and pop a quick date and time reminder into your phone.

What happens at Twilight Tasters?

  1. You’ll be greeted at main reception by staff and a student ambassador will escort you to Rendezvous.
  2. Check in at Rendezvous, this is where your parents can sit and wait if they’re staying. Refreshments are available from our Haybridge restaurant which is adjoining.
  3. Pick up your taster pack including a photo consent form. Please let us know if you do not want to be featured in any photos.
  4. Our apprenticeship team will be available in Rendezvous all evening, if you’re keen to discuss apprenticeship opportunities please come over and talk to them.
  5. You’ll be collected by your tutor from Rendezvous.
  6. If you’re coming for A level tasters, after your first session you’ll be taken to the 7th Form study centre where you’ll swap onto your next taster and taken to your next session. If you’ve registered for one single A level taster you’ll return to Rendezvous to sign out.
  7. When you’ve finished your tasters you’ll be taken back Rendezvous to complete your application form with help if needed and to complete our feedback form.

If you need to speak to us please call 01952 642237 and ask for Hannah Smith.

What’s next?

  • Apply online, you can use this useful link.
  • Study hard, ace your exams.
  • Come to more open events and tasters if you want to see more of the college.
  • Register for and attend Welcome to College Week 1 and 2 July.

If you can’t make it in January, join us at our other taster event:

· Monday 18 March – Thursday 21 March 4.30pm – 6pm

Open event

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