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    Virtual & Augmented Reality Suite Launch

On the 13 December, Telford College will be officially opening its Virtual & Augmented Reality Suite.  The college is now in the best possible position to deliver education and training for students, businesses and the community.

The Virtual and Augmented Reality Suite provides a rich combination of state of the art hardware and software from the world’s leading technology manufacturers and developers.  It will not only take our teaching and learning into the future but also ensure our students are developing the vital skills needed to have a successful career.

The suite, which has been supported by a growth deal bid from Marches LEP and Midlands Engine, contains:

  • Virtual Reality ‘Cave’ which can transport you into a learning or working environment
  • Interactive mirrors
  • Virtual reality simulators
  • Hydroscopic 3D presentation screen
  • And more

This puts Telford College in a position to be a sector leader and national player in the fourth industrial revolution as society starts to blur the lines between the physical and digital world.  Telford is historically known as the birthplace of industry and with our investment in the suite we look to ensure that Telford remains at the forefront of innovation.

We are focused and ready for the future, delivering future technologies for today.