Funding Guide

Here is our quick guide to the funding available for courses at Telford College. We appreciate that everyone’s circumstances are different, so if you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our friendly student services team, please contact us at or call 01952 642237.

HE course fees for 2020-21

Below are the annual course fees for full time higher education courses. If you are studying on a part time basis, the fees will be calculated accordingly.

  • Higher National Certificate (HNC) £5,900
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) £5,900
  • Foundation Degree (Fd) £6,165
Funding guide are you eligible for a free or funded course at Telford College

Free courses

You don’t normally have to pay course fees if the following applies to your age, employment status or choice of qualification.

31 AUGUST 2021
16-18 Any All level 1, 2 and 3 courses are free
for 16-18s.
Any Any Entry level English and maths, GCSE
English and maths and functional
skills English & maths are free, as
long as you have not already
achieved grade C/grade 4 or above
before you enrol.
19-24 Holding an Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) Any All courses until you reach the age of 25.
19-23 Any You can study your FIRST level 1, level
2 or level 3 qualification for free,
provided you have not already
achieved a qualification at that level
(See Prior qualification chart  for list of
qualifications at each level )
19+ Unemployed,
looking for work
and in receipt of
eligible benefits*
If you are unemployed and in receipt
of eligible benefits, there is no cost
for studying a level 1 or level 2
qualification, even if you already have
a qualification at that level.
19+ Any Leaners aged 19 or over who earn up to £16,009.50 annual gross salary are entitled to free courses on Level 1 and 2.

*Eligible benefits include Job Seekers’ Allowance (JSA), Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) and Universal Credit. Wider benefits will also be considered on an individual basis.

Fees & funding

Under the following circumstances, you’ll be required to pay some or all of the course fees, although support may be available either through student loans or our student support team. Please enquire.

19-23 and 24+ Employed Level 1 & level 2 qualifications: you may be
entitled to up to 50% discount on level 1 and
level 2 courses.
19-23 Any Level 3 qualifications: you will need to pay full
course fees if you already have a level 3
qualification. You can take out an advanced
learner loan for the entire cost which is only
paid back once you earn over £25,000 per year
(If this is your first level 3 qualification, the
course is free – see the table opposite).
24+ Any Level 3 qualifications: full course fees apply
whether you have a level 3 qualification already
or not. You can take out an advanced learner
loan to pay for the course. This means the
government pays the cost of your course fees
in the form of a loan. Your annual repayment
will be 9% of any income of any income you
earn over £25,000. An example of payments:
You pay £15 monthly if you earned £27,000.
repayments (for payment reference )
19-23 and 24+ Any Level 4 & 5 (Higher Education): full tuition fees
are payable. However, you should be eligible
for an advanced learner loan or HE Loan*.

This means the government pays the cost of your course fees in the form of a loan which you repay in manageable installments once you are earning an income over a certain amount. A maintenance loan may also be available. Learn more here.

Information is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication but may be subject to change. Please contact student services for up-to-date information on advanced learner loans and HE loans.

Guide to prior qualification levels

The table below should help you identify which level you are qualified to already. If you are unsure, please contact our student services team who will be happy to review your circumstances and offer advice.

Level 1 • GCSE grades D-G or 3-1
• Level 1 Award/Certificate/Diploma (e.g. BTEC/
CACHE/City & Guilds)
• Level 1 Functional Skills
• Level 1 NVQ
• Level 1 Technical Awards
Level 2 • 5 or more GCSE grades A*- C or 9 - 4
• 1 A level or 2 AS levels
• Level 2 BTEC or City & Guilds Certificates (15+ credits)
• Level 2 or Higher Diploma (e.g. BTEC/City & Guilds)
• Level 2 NVQ
• Level 2 Technical Certificates
Level 3 • 2 A levels or 4 AS levels
• Level 3 BTEC or City & Guilds Diploma
• Level 3 NVQ
• Level 3 Technical or Applied