GCSE and A Levels

Post results services

Post results services give candidates the opportunity to request a copy of an exam script back (Access to Scripts) or to request a review of marking (Review of Results). Candidates need to be aware that, if they decide to progress with a review of marking, there are
three possible outcomes:

  • The original mark is lowered, so the final grade may be lower than the original grade received.
  • The original mark is confirmed as correct, and there is no change to the grade.
  • The original mark is raised, so the final grade may be higher than the original grade

In order for college to request post results services, the relevant form must be completed and signed by the candidate. This is available from the exams office. A fee will be charged for this service which will be refunded if the overall grade changes.


GCSE and A Level exam certificates will be available from early April. Candidates who are still on roll may be contacted and asked to collect their certificate(s) from the exams office. For candidates who are no longer on roll, their certificate(s) will be posted to them. Candidates must ensure they have notified the College of their correct address, email and phone number(s).