Ready to study at university level?

Are you looking to further your qualifications, make a change in your working life or increase your earning potential here in Shropshire?

You could be a mature student considering a career change, want to progress in a company you already work for or leaving college and considering staying close to home to complete your university education.

When you study a university course at Telford College, you’ll join a great community of like-minded students of all ages. Benefiting from small class sizes, you will have lots of support from peers and tutors, fantastic facilities and lower course fees here and at University Centre Telford at Southwater.

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Why students choose Telford College at university-level

Sarah-Louise Taylor studied a Foundation Degree in Early Years Services and recently graduated.  

She said: “Telford College met my own individual and working needs. My experience with my tutors was fantastic and each were extremely supportive. Studying the different modules regarding children’s backgrounds has given me a huge bonus to understand young people in my career.”

Sam Goddard studied a HNC in General Engineering and is now employed in an engineering role at local firm Iconsys.

He said: “I’ve had a good experience with Telford College through my HNC programme. The tutors have always had incredible knowledge and experience. In my role at Iconsys, I work a lot on CAD design and circuitry documents. I was looking to gain a real career opportunity.” 

A variety of courses

Early Years, Education and Health & Social Care

In partnership with the University of Wolverhampton

Kate Petford

Kate studied a Foundation Degree in Health & Social Care.

“The job I do now – a support worker for disabled adults & vulnerable young people – I do because of the skills and knowledge I developed whilst at Telford College.”


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Kieran Ursin-Smith

Kieran is studying a HND in Music Production/Session Musician. 

“I’ve learned industry-standard techniques during my HND, and the tools I need to develop professional tracks. It’s helped me get to where I want to be and tutors are really supportive.”


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Andy Macfadyen from Muxton with the robotics technology at Telford College | Engineering

Andy MacFadyen

Andy studied a HND in General Engineering and now has a career as a robotics engineer.

“I really enjoyed my time at Telford College – it still helps me today in my career as a robotics engineer. I can’t imagine anywhere else offering the opportunities I got.”


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Kelly Ashman

Kelly Ashman

Kelly studied a HND in Computing and completed a degree in Forensic Science.

“By the end of my course, I had learned a range of new skills. I was then awarded a First Class Degree in Forensic Science at Staffordshire University and now work at a confidential company.”

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