About Holly

Hi Holly! What can learners expect if they come to study in your department?

Students can expect teachers who are specialised in A Level study. They will have to work really hard to get high grades, but the teachers will support, challenge and encourage to ensure they get the best grade they can. 

The majority of our students progress to university. Ultimately, A Levels are about a stepping stone, demonstrating you can study to a high level in at least three subjects. They give you a fantastic platform to be able to apply for a whole range of degree courses, higher apprenticeships and employment.

tell us a little bit about yourself...

I was born in Hereford, but moved to Telford at a young age. I went to a local secondary school and I’m very keen to see the town doing well. After A Levels, I went to university in Leicester, then returned to the area to complete my Masters Degree in Birmingham.

I wanted to work at Telford College as I feel it’s very important for the town to have a strong A Level college. The college has really developed in the last couple of years. It was really exciting to be able to build the 7th Form and create something completely new.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

My job is rewarding, often challenging, but ultimately, I really like coming to work every day. The best thing about my job is obviously seeing the impact we have on young people and their lives. Some days, the students find it really tough, but it’s fantastic to see them change, and within two years get the grades they need for their next steps.

How do you and your team get the best out of students?

We get the best out of students by working with them as a team. They are treated as young adults and we want them to work hard because it means something to them, not because they are sticking to the rules.

what do you do in your spare time?

I really enjoy going out with friends/family – restaurants, cinema…

I’m a member of a choir and performed in a big summer show, which was terrifying, but I’m so pleased I did it.




Holly Davies


Something to play music on, a pillow and a massive book!



Creating the 7th Form, our own space, a new beginning, creating something new