The Home Study Round-up

We're working differently...

Our students are still learning, developing and achieving – despite the unprecedented situation of COVID-19 – and are discovering new, innovative and creative ways to work together with their tutors and achieve their goals from home.

Here, we’ll be showcasing our students’ home study journeys and sharing top tips from the tutors too!

we still see our teachers

“Maths lessons are good as the teacher can use his laptop and write just like the classroom whiteboard, which is better than just going through a Powerpoint. Questions are also asked to ensure we are engaged. The work set is relevant and easy then challenging. If we are stuck help is always given as the teacher assists us!”

Nandor Hollosi, A Level Student

revision classes

Maintaining communication with my tutors is essential, the college are using Microsoft Teams and Google Classrooms which are absolutely amazing, you can stay in contact with the whole class.

If I could I would tell all students to make sure you take time out and have a break from your work, whether it’s through a hobby or nap, don’t overwork yourself, we can do this!

Jess Terry, A level student

Discord is better than i thought!

“We can still get in touch with our tutors for help, and they can show us visually where we are going wrong which is useful because it accommodates visual learners and auditory learners. I think that this should continue to be used after the virus pandemic is over!”

Lindsey Ellis, HND Computing Student

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ryan's routine

“I am managing my time at home very well between work, exercise and breaks. I’m doing as much computer work as I would do in college every day, and submitting work through a cloud storage system.”

Ryan James-Nield, Public Services Student

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hayley on art at home

“Dying fabric has been a success so far, I’m going to try out some more colours then see how I can translate that into a bigger piece. I painted another lady with flowers and butterflies. Just wanted to finish it off but I’m definitely ready to move onto some new styles and to see how that’ll influence my usual style. 

I also made the Rebecca Louise Law inspired installation and tested how it would interact with the environment outside. Next I want to create some studies based on Hurvin Anderson- I’ve been interested in this abstract style and am wondering if people look at the environment in a more abstract way and don’t see it as a ‘reality’ (if that makes sense!) I have a lot of ideas.”  Hayley, A level art student


"Automotive learners have been watching video lessons made by their tutor"

''Automotive learners have been watching video lessons made by their tutor. These lessons, so far, have been about electric vehicle technology and Low carbon technology. Lessons are being uploaded to a private Telford College YouTube channel and more lessons are being added daily. Students are finding that this helps them to engage with their course whilst at home.''
Telford College | Auto Engineering
Ben, automotive tutor

"I've set up a Discord server to keep in touch with my students"

"The platform allows students to chat to each other, and allows me to screenshare presentations from my own computer. It means I can talk to every student as a class group, or individually on a one-to-one basis if I wish. I have also created channels for the class groups to be able to go in and share ideas."
martin, computing tutor