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Health, Early Years & Education

Health and Social – Learn all the practical skills you’ll need for a wide range of careers, from care assistants and health visitors to midwives, nurses, therapists or nutritionists.

Early Years – Understand the physical, social, spiritual, moral and emotional aspects of caring for children. Learn through practical study, observation and work placement. Tackle topics such as supporting children’s play, child development and the importance of a healthy eating regime. 

Education – This full time qualification provides students with an understanding of the knowledge needed when working directly with children and young people in a school environment. The qualification covers elements including children and young people’s development, safeguarding their welfare, and communication and professional relationships.

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Student success

Jeumari Ayson

Jeumari Ayson | Telford College

“I joined health and social care with the intention to progress on to level three and then to university to study nursing.

“I want to be a nurse supporting surgeons in the operating theatre, I find it fascinating and I am focussed on this as a career.

“To any other male considering a career in health and social care I’d say do it, we learn so much about lots of different subjects including policy, rules and regulations, care companies, management and skills development. It’s easy to start in health and social care and develop transferable skills. Career opportunities are endless including social working, teaching and youth working.”

Leah Wells

Leah Wells | Telford College

“I want to work in a medical dispatch team, I’ve always wanted to help people, I eventually want to work my way up to be a  paramedic technician.

“I want to go home at the end of the day knowing I’ve helped someone that day.

“I want a career where I’m doing something every day, helping and supporting the community will help me achieve this.

“My course is really good. It’s the most comfortable I’ve felt in my education. I’ve made new friends really quickly.” 

James Oppong

James Oppong | Telford College

“I chose health and social care because ultimately I want to go into biology, probably something like as a paramedic.

“This course will help me get the qualifications I need to then move on to the applied science course and then to start the career of my dreams.

“There aren’t many males on the health and social care courses but I recommend it, there are hundreds if not thousands of career opportunities in this sector.”


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