Finishing The Exam (ICE 26)

A five-minute warning to candidates before the end of the examination is permitted. However, this is at the centre’s discretion. Where candidates have different finishing times, the centre must consider the impact of giving a warning.

At the end of the examination invigilators must:

  • tell candidates to stop working and remind them that they are still under examination conditions
  • allow candidates who arrived late and were allowed the full working time to do their examination, to continue after the normal finishing time. Tell them to stop working after the full working time allowed has passed
  • Candidates granted extra time and/or supervised rest breaks should be allowed to carry on uninterrupted for the necessary additional time. Invigilators will be made aware in advance which candidates have been granted extra time and/or supervised rest breaks – this information is also included on the exams cover sheet
  • instruct candidates taking written examinations to:
  • make sure they have put all the necessary information on their answer booklet and any additional answer sheets, e.g., candidate name, candidate number, centre number,
    • make sure their answers are correctly numbered
    • make sure they have put any loose additional answer sheets inside the answer booklet. Paper clips or staples must not be used. Treasury tags should only be used if permitted by the awarding body marking the papers

Collecting Scripts (ICE 27)

Invigilators must:

  • collect all the scripts/objective test sheets, question papers and any other materials before candidates are allowed to leave the examination room
  • check that there is a script/objective test sheet for every candidate marked as present on the attendance register
  • check that the names on the scripts match the details on the attendance register (all awarding bodies except CCEA)
  • put the scripts/objective test sheets in the order shown on the attendance register
  • check that candidates have used their correct centre and candidate number
  • give the scripts/objective test sheets to the Exams Officer
  • Invigilators must ensure scripts are handled securely at all times
  • All question papers must be returned to the exams office (E030) – invigilators cannot release to centre staff if requested

Dismissing Candidates

Once the invigilator is satisfied that there is a script for every candidate present, the candidates may be dismissed.  Depending on the number of candidates present, it may be advisable to dismiss the candidates row by row.

The candidates should be asked to leave the room as quietly as possible and not to start talking until clear of the exam room.  This is particularly important if there are other candidates finishing their exam.

Candidates must not take anything out of the exam room that they did not have with them when they came in.

If a candidate has handed in any unauthorised material before the exam started such as a mobile phone, this should be returned to them before they leave.

Checking Names

When checking that the candidate and centre information matches the details on the attendance register, if a discrepancy is identified the invigilator may correct the discrepancy or add to the information recorded by the candidate on the front of their answer booklet. For example, centre number, candidate number, candidate name or component/unit code. In such a situation the correction should be counter-signed on the script. If in any doubt, the invigilator should check with the Exams Officer. Centres must not alter any other details on the candidate’s script.

Scripts are confidential between candidates and the awarding body. They may not be read or photocopied before they are sent to the awarding body/examiner, unless the awarding body has stated otherwise.

Invigilators must ensure that scripts are always kept secure until they are returned to the Exams Office.

Returning Scripts and Other Confidential Materials

The invigilator must also collect all unused stationery in the examination room.

The invigilator must return the scripts and any other confidential material to the Exams Office E030 immediately.