About Lindsey

Hi lindsey! What can learners expect if they come to study in your department?

Depending upon the outcome of their school qualifications and our initial assessment of their skills, they will either study GCSE English Language or Functional Skills English.

tell us a little bit about yourself...

I was born and raised in Bridgnorth and went to Oldbury Wells secondary school. I’ve worked for the local government as a Housing and Council Tax Benefits Assessor, then completed a PGCE to be a Primary School teacher in September 2001.

I taught at Lilleshall and Tibberton (both near Newport) until April 2015 when I moved to Telford College. I’ve also lived and worked in Senior Boarding at Adams’ Grammar School in Newport for 16 years (until July 2014) working with boys aged 16-18.

I moved to Telford College as I wanted to move from primary education into a different educational setting.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

Working with students to improve their confidence in a subject they didn’t think they could achieve in.

How do you and your team get the best out of students?

We take time to get to know our students and build relationships, and as a result, trust and confidence. We also show them that we care and we will do our absolute best to help them achieve.

Tell us about specific parts of the courses which are particularly popular with current students, and why.

Within Functional Skills we try to make the course creative and practical using a wide range of themes to add interest to the English skills studied. While we don’t have the time to be creative within GCSE as it is a resit course, we choose texts carefully to engage students, ignite curiosity and prompt opinions. We also endeavour to foster an enjoyment of texts using different media such as film and music.

List a few of the main career progression opportunities.

English qualifications give students choices – they can progress to higher level qualifications, a variety of apprenticeships and/or employment. It enables them to make their next career progression steps and widens their horizons and opportunities in life.

what do you do in your spare time?

Go to the gym, cooking, reading, walking, travelling. Interesting things about me – I can ride a horse, have a degree in French & Business Studies and every two years I take approximately thirty 16-18 year old rugby players across the world to play rugby. 




Lindsey Mulhern


I’d be writing children’s books or studying Medieval history and being an archeologist.




Chocolate, Spotify, my phone