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tell us a little bit about your role...

As the newest member of the apprenticeship team, it has been an amazing transition of careers during this uncertain time in the world. However, I have been extremely lucky to join such an inspiring team. From the first moment of seeing the job specification I felt this had my name all over it, from being a very hands on learner myself. I now wish I’d took the apprenticeship route. My job now is to help and guide more talented and inspiring candidates to find their dream careers. 

how did your career progress?

I have many years of experience working in the care industry, working in Nursing homes, caring in the community with the dream of one day becoming a nurse. I realised this was not quite the right path for me, and I became a corporate account manager. Over the years of working in these different environments I have proven myself to be an adaptable employee, willing and able to take on new challenges. I put this success down to being a quick learner always ready to take on new challenges.  

What do you do in your spare time?

I enjoy holidays, concerts and food! I also like to keep fit with yoga and jogging. I like to keep myself busy and I help out with local dyslexia events in my spare time.





Katie McKeown

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