Praise for college communications during lockdown

7th Form student Jessica Terry has praised Telford College’s communication during lockdown for helping her home studies to go smoothly.

Speaking on the BBC Radio Shropshire breakfast show, the 16-year-old said she was unsure when it would feel safe enough for everyone to return to the classroom – but felt this didn’t really matter right now.

“The college has been really good with its communication, so working at home has been as easy as it would have been in class,” she told BBC Shropshire presenters Eric Smith and Clare Ashford.

Jessica, who is hoping to be a primary teacher and progress to university in Aberystwyth, is currently studying A levels in sociology, English language and criminology.

Telford College | Jessica Terry

She said she was thoroughly enjoying her time at Telford College, and felt the criminology course in particular was ‘even better than I thought it would be’.

Referring to her home schooling discipline, she said: “You have got to think of it that if you don’t do the work now, imagine what it’s going to be like to catch up.”

She said she had mixed feelings about whether the time was right to be going back into a classroom environment right now.

“It’s great to see friends and get back into class with teachers but personally I don’t see it as safe enough.

“I’m more concerned about mine and my family’s safety than going into a classroom setting at the moment – because we can, as has been shown, quite easily do it from home for the rest of the year.

“We still have team calls and class communication to work as a group, and then we get extra activities to do outside of it, just like homework.”

Listen to Jessica Terry on BBC Radio Shropshire:


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