A ‘glowing’ report for enterprising business students

Business students at Telford College have created their own company as part of a Young Enterprise project to equip them with a range of employability and entrepreneurship skills.

The programme works with schools and colleges to empower students with the knowledge, skills and confidence they need to manage money and risk – as well as developing the sales, marketing and enterprising abilities they’ll need in the workplace.

Students Isabelle Peace, Mandeep Singh and Simran Singh are all studying A Level business, and, along with eight other students, have starter their own business, Glow Up Décor.

It sells a range of handcrafted items made using recycled materials, such as bottles and wire, via craft fairs and stalls throughout Telford and the surrounding areas – as well as at the college itself.

The business prides itself on turning materials destined for landfill sites and the ocean into seasonal gifts and decorative items.

Isabelle explained: “Through Young Enterprise we have been tasked to create and sell a product with which to start our own business. We all brought our ideas to the table before deciding on

A ‘glowing’ report for Telford College business students Isabelle Peace, Mandeep Singh and Simran Singh, who are taking part in the Young Enterprise programme.
A ‘glowing’ report for Telford College business students Isabelle Peace, Mandeep Singh and Simran Singh, who are taking part in the Young Enterprise programme.

Glow Up. The Young Enterprise project has helped me understand how a business is run.”

Students will be judged on their enterprising skills at the end of the project, and must demonstrate strong branding, knowledge of marketing and a digital presence, as well as reporting on their strategy, environmental impact and business practices.

Mandeep said: “All of our products are unique, handmade and environmentally-friendly. We’ll be competing with different schools, sixth forms and colleges at the end of the project, where we’ll be assessed.”

Simran added: “Our business has a strong focus on its environmental impact, which is why we focus on recyclable materials. We also think we’re doing well with our social media presence and marketing.”

Tutor Gavin Real said: “This year’s Young Enterprise team from Telford College have impressed right from the word go.

“The team are formed of both academic and vocational students. From the beginning, where we challenged them to raise capital from nothing through to board meetings and selling opportunities, the company has impressed in every way.

“They are a superb student team, all working hard to gain hands-on practical experience and developing their skills in entrepreneurship, communication and self-motivation – they particularly impress by having the awareness to recognise what they don’t know, and seek the answers.”

You can see Glow Up’s products on Facebook by searching ‘Glow Up Décor’. The group will be posting details of their upcoming events and sales.


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