Amber gets the green light from Telford manufacturing company

A former Ellesmere College student is forging a career with one of the county’s leading manufacturing businesses thanks to an apprenticeship through Telford College.

Amber Cauchi is working as an HR assistant at Protolabs, the 3D printing, CNC machining, and injection moulding specialist at Halesfield, on a management and human resources apprenticeship.

The apprenticeship offer came after the 23-year-old completed some temporary work with the company.

She said: “The thing I really enjoy about my apprenticeship is the ability to gain experience in the company, alongside my studies – something which conventional qualifications cannot do in

Amber Cauchi | Telford College | Apprenticeships
Amber Cauchi | Telford College | Apprenticeships

the same way.”

Amber has already been promoted, and is looking forward to hopefully taking up a permanent position with the company when her apprenticeship is complete.

Gavin Real, Telford College’s CIPD tutor, said: “Amber quickly became an invaluable member of our level three HR group.

“Committed to her career path, she kept herself focused and up to date on current HR news and trends, making use of her assignments to put her knowledge and theory into application and practice.

“Amber grew in confidence throughout the course and I have no doubt her career will go from strength to strength.”

Telford College’s management and human resources courses are aimed at those seeking to develop their knowledge of HR and people management.

They are open to people who are either already in an office-based business role, or hoping to widen their skills to potentially gain promotion.

The programmes look at topics such as employment law, developing professional practice, using information in HR, and meeting a company’s development needs.

Some of the courses lead to associate membership of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD).


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