Balayage colouring technique is a hit with our hairdressing students!

Our level 3 hairdressing students have had a guest lecturer in to give a demonstration and let students get hands on experience with a brand new technique – freehand balayage.

Darren Garbett works at a local hair salon as a L’Oreal colour specialist and has over 30 years experience in the field. Speaking to the students, he explained how he finds out about new techniques and discussed with them the avant-garde style they will need to showcase in this year’s hairdressing competition on 7 May, which he will be judging – as he has for the last 3 years.

Tutor Kerrie Treharne said, “Level 3 students are learning about more advanced colouring and cutting. This visit is very inspirational for the students, there’s been excellent feedback and they have really enjoyed the event. They are all very engaged and were asking lots of questions.”

Student Holly Bates said, “It’s really, really interesting. I’ve enjoyed it.” While her classmate Melissa Maries added, “It’s helpful, I like the technique we’ve been shown. I found it quite easy and I think it’s easier than some other techniques we learnt.”

Darren talked students through the process from beginnings and preparations to the finished product, including times when the technique is appropriate. In turn students were talking about their own experiences, with both their own hair and with their clients, including what applications are best for what occasions, hair types and colours. Paige Skeete added that the demonstration was, “very practical.”

Darren said of the students, “They have a passion to learn. They listened to everything and took notes at all times.”

The class also discussed client management and how to work with clients to make transformations they will be happy with, whilst managing expectations. Talking about how to encourage clients to take less drastic approaches, Darren spoke of the psychology of colour and how to show them what can be achieved for them in comparison with what they have suggested they want.


Balayage is a colouring technique which is done freehand, rather than using the traditional foiling or cap highlighting techniques. It’s super low maintenance because it doesn’t require so many touch-ups as traditional methods. With no solid demarcation lines, regrowth isn’t as obvious! It also is a method which looks great with any colour, like this gorgeous pastel. ?

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