Career connectivity for Entanet IT apprentices

Telford College’s long-standing partnership with technology firm Entanet is going from strength to the strength.

The internet and connectivity wholesaler, based at Central Park in Telford, has teamed up with the college to offer apprenticeships in information communications technology to students and staff.

Levi Price and Louis Jones, are two of the current apprentices, both on technical service analysis programmes.

Levi & Louis | Entanet | Telford College
Levi & Louis | Entanet | Telford College

Louis, 20, a former student of Haberdashers’ Adams in Newport, said: “So far my apprenticeship has given me building blocks for the future. The units are really going to help my role and career, especially in networking.

“The apprenticeship gives you really useful qualifications; it’s well worth starting at level 2 and progressing to level 3 like I have, because you get the chance to learn exactly what your employer needs you to focus on.”

He added: “Once I’d completed my level 2 there was no doubt in my mind about going on to the level 3. I’ve really enjoyed the programme and how it’s delivered.”

“The level 3 includes CCNA networking with is a specialist industry Cisco certificate, which will help my employer to give me more responsibility in networking.”

Louis with team leader David Labouchardiere | Telford College
Louis with team leader David Labouchardiere | Telford College

Levi, 20, a former Madeley Academy student from Trench Lock, also completed level 2 and progressed to a level 3 apprenticeship.

He said: “Ever since I started it’s been an absolutely fantastic programme.”

“The method of learning suits me – I’m a hands-on practical person and an apprenticeship offered me the mix of workplace learning and assignment work.

“Anyone considering this route should absolutely 100% go for it. The right apprenticeship will give you the right experience and qualifications; you’ll re-establish your skills and the way you tackle assignments.

“Additionally, the Telford College aspect gives you lots of support. You work on units that are directly linked to what you’re doing at work and it’s easier to take in.”

Louis and Levi’s team leader David Labouchardiere is a former Telford College student himself, who has worked his way up the career ladder to become Entanet’s technical services specialist.

He explained: “The apprenticeships are helping Louis and Levi become very rounded team members. It’s obvious the college works hard on combining the right mix of theory and practical.”

Levi Price | Telford College | Entanet
Levi Price | Telford College | Entanet

Telford College’s employer engagement manager Beckie Bosworth said: “Our long-standing partnership with Entanet is growing all the time.

“Their IT apprentices attend college one day per week, and we have additional bespoke training in their workplace to add value and to give additional support.

“We will be looking to recruit more apprentices over the coming months and further strengthening our partnership with the company.”

Entanet offers wholesale connectivity services from all the major carriers, and its full-fibre CityFibre infrastructure provides channel partners with access to ultrafast connectivity across 51 UK towns and cities.




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