College provides reassurance for GCSE students

Further to recent issues across the country relating to the method that has been used in which the awarding of  A Level and Vocational results has negatively affected so many hard working young people and their choices for their next steps in education. It is clear from the results that a high number of qualifications have been downgraded against the recommendation of the teacher and Centre Assessment Grades.

Now with the uncertainty and anticipation as we wait to be informed of how the GCSEs will be awarded this Thursday 20th August, Telford College has taken the decision to accept Centre Assessment Grades that were predicated by teachers alongside the outcomes that will be released from the awarding bodies for all students who have been offered and/or intend to progress or apply to the college to commence their next stages of the education from September 2020.

The reason for making this decision is that we are confident in the process that your teachers would have followed to support your centre assessment grades. We are also keen to ensure that you are not disadvantaged’.

To enable you to enrol and/or progress at the college you will be required to provide evidence to support your teachers grading. This will include a copy of your Centre Assessment Grade on headed paper from your most recent school or college in addition to the statement of results issued by the examination awarding bodies.

Where you may not have achieved the required maths and or English grades these students may be required to undertake additional maths and/or English qualifications to support their learning and further develop their knowledge and skills to enable them to achieve their qualifications. These will be discussed with this young people during the enrolment process.

If you have any queries regarding this information please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing or call 01952 642200 and select option 1.


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