Criminology students experience life behind bars

7th Form Criminology Behind Bars

Telford College students spent time behind bars at the county’s former prison during an eye-opening trip which brought their criminology studies to life.

The 7th formers spent time at the former Dana prison in Shrewsbury to get a brief but eye-opening taste of life behind bars.

As part of their criminology course, the students have to debate the value of prison, including the different approaches to rehabilitation and the role that prison can play in society.

Criminology tutor Mel Rooney explained: “For our students to be able to experience a cell and the wider prison environment is a fantastic way of putting our academic debate into very real practice.

“The students took part in an ‘escape room’ activity which involved them being locked in cells for longer than they had expected!

“Many of our students are aspiring to continue their criminology studies at university and this trip has only extended these high aspirations.

The tour also included a question-and-answer session, when students were able to quiz officials about the history of the site, learn about punishments carried out inside the walls, and hear stories about some of the Dana’s most notorious inmates


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