Video lessons keep automotive learning on track

Automotive engineering students might not be getting into their cars right now – but that hasn’t stopped Telford College tutors from delivering the curriculum.

A series of videos have been produced for a private college Youtube channel, allowing the team to lead students through audio-visual tutorials in their own homes.

Ben Armstrong, learner manager for automotive studies, said: “I think it’s extremely important that we carry on in the current circumstances, and try to get as much of our work done together as a group as we can.

“That’s why I’m keen to make these videos, to help students through assignments, without losing too much time from their coursework.”

Telford College | Tutor Ben Armstrong delivering the video tutorial about electric vehicle technology
Telford College | Tutor Ben Armstrong delivering the video tutorial about electric vehicle technology

Tutorials already uploaded include spotlights on electric vehicles, and low carbon technology. More will follow over the coming weeks.

Graham Guest, principal and chief executive of Telford College, said: “This is one of many examples of our creative use of technology in these unprecedented times, allowing us to deliver learning in a different way.

“Students are definitely finding that these videos help them to engage with their coursework whilst at home.”

Telford College is using a suite of online platforms to deliver learning to students during the current restrictions.

Many are now using the Discord Teaching Platform to connect with the college on a remote server. The system also offers a ‘chat community’ between students while they are at home.

Staff and students can also remotely access college systems through the Moodle secure IT environment, which allows staff to upload student work and maintain effective communication channels.

A full list of remote study resources have been compiled on the Telford College website, and can be found at


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