Distance learning programme is a healthy choice for Jade

Weight plan consultant Jade Blower is improving her knowledge of nutrition and health on a distance learning programme with Telford College.

Jade, from Lawley Bank, became an Independent Cambridge Weight Plan Consultant in October, and is now looking to expand her services by opening a new centre in Trench.

As part of her training, the former Blessed Robert Johnson school student has enrolled on Telford College’s understanding nutrition and health level two distance learning course.

Jade, 34, already has a degree in equine science, but decided on a career change when she lost three stone in just three months on the Cambridge Weight Plan, for her wedding in 2015.

“I now want to extend my knowledge to become a specialist, opening a Cambridge Weight Loss Centre in Trench which will offer one-to-one support to clients, and personalised weight loss programmes to suit their lifestyle.

“This distance learning qualification will give me a better understanding of health and nutrition once clients have progressed through the initial six-step programme, and moved to the stabilisation and maintenance stage, in order to retain their weight loss.”

Jade added: “The benefit of this course is that you can do it in your own time to fit around your work and family life, you don’t have to come into college – and apart from some postage costs, it’s free.

“This first course is 12 weeks long, but I’m hoping to complete it sooner, and then move onto another level two programme; the understanding and management of diabetes.”

Twenty different courses are listed on the new Telford College distance learning programme, including customer service, dementia care, team leading, information advice and guidance, and counselling.

Carol Smith, the college’s director of apprenticeships and distance learning, said: “With people living increasingly flexible lifestyles, we want to make sure that everyone has access to different forms of learning.

“By signing up for a distance learning course, tuition is either available online or by correspondence, and there is no need for a student to attend college.

“Students have a work pack posted to them. They use revision material supplied and do their own research to answer the questions in the packs.”

To qualify, people must be over the age of 19, and in some form of employment. Although course fees are free, there are some small postage costs involved. You can read more about distance learning with Telford College here

To find out more details about the distance learning courses, contact Telford College on 01952 642335, or email distancelearning@telfordcollege.ac.uk

Jade blower's healthy choice| distance learning with Telford College


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