Dream apprenticeship for dedicated student

Published: December 5, 2017

Young Wellington woman Tayler Jarvis has landed a dream apprenticeship with technology giant Capgemini after thriving in the learning environment at Telford College.
The 20-year-old completed her GCSEs at Ercall Wood School before taking Business, Economics and Maths A levels at the college’s King Street campus.

She has now been taken on by Capgemini, a consulting, technology services and digital transformation company, as a degree apprentice – meaning the company sponsors her entire studies, she has no student debt, and has a guaranteed job from day one.
Tayler is combining her full-time work as an applications consultant with a Leadership and Business Management degree at Aston University, which she studies in evenings and weekends through online lectures.

“I get exposure to lots of different projects and clients, and get to travel a lot,” she said.
“With my degree and other vendor qualifications and certifications, I hope to progress my way through Capgemini and maintain a long-term career with them.

Telford College|degree apprenticeships| Capgemini

Tayler Jarvis, who is on a degree apprenticeship with Capgemini

“In the future, alongside my career and using my experience in business, I would like to have my own company.”
She added: “I chose to go to the King Street campus because of its independent nature. You get out what you put in, and I learn better this way I was never a fan of the traditional school environment.”

She said her personal tutor Greg Armstrong, and the rest of the college staff, were all hugely supportive.
Jenny Nolan, director of A Levels at Telford College who taught Economics to Tayler, said: “She was always a really positive and happy student.

“She would always try her hardest in class, and would be keen to know how to improve her work. Tayler always made a positive contribution to our economic debates that were well considered and thoughtful – she was an absolute pleasure to teach.”

During her time at the college, Tayler was also involved in a college campaign around Brexit, preparing presentations, ballot boxes and other resources.
Greg Armstrong said: “I have to say that Tayler is one of the most dedicated students I’ve ever met. Totally committed to her studies, she always worked hard and was extremely driven.
“If she ever encountered difficulties, which I know she did with her Economics and Maths, she always went the extra mile to overcome them.
“I’m so pleased to hear that she’s flourishing since leaving college – not that it was ever in doubt!”

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Degree level apprenticeship student Taylor Jarvis| careers| Telford College

Tayler Jarvis, who is on a degree apprenticeship with Capgemini