Staying local pays dividends as Emma gains a place at Cambridge

Published: September 5, 2017

‚ÄãEmma Hide is off to Cambridge University after graduating from Telford College with flying colours.
The 18-year-old, from Wellington, will be reading geography at St Catherine’s College after achieving two A grades and an A* in her geography, psychology and English language A levels.

She also got an A in her extended project qualification, on the back of another A in a biology AS level which she sat the previous year.

“I was attracted to Telford College’s King Street Campus due to the friendly, welcoming feel the place had, as well as its proximity to where I live,” Emma explained.

“I decided by staying local I would spend less time commuting, so I could have more time studying and doing what I enjoy.

“I can recommend Telford College’s King Street Campus. All of my teachers were highly giving with their time – they were willing to stay behind class or answer any emails whenever I needed additional help or had questions.

“There is a very relaxed feel to the place, and you are given more freedom and independence than at school.

“For those students who have a lot of drive and enjoy freedom, Telford College’s King Street Campus is a suitable place to come.”

Emma, a former Charlton School student, wants to use her skills to change people’s lives in a positive way when she graduates from university.

She said: “After having work experience with Ashley community housing in Wolverhampton and volunteering with refugees, I have become inspired to help people who have found themselves in unfortunate circumstances.

Photo of Emma Hide“I am also considering working abroad, and hoping my degree will give me knowledge to influence the provision of sustainable support to communities and spend time in different cultures.”

Jenny Nolan, director of sixth form and higher education, said Emma demonstrated a real flair for geography and was a ‘fantastic student’.

“She is a determined, methodical and dedicated student who worked precisely in all of her subjects – we wish her every success for the future.”
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