Ethan’s lockdown music video has an important message

Music student Ethan Slack-Wynn has used his time in lockdown to produce a music video for a song he recorded as part of his Telford College studies.

Shrewsbury-born Ethan, who now lives in Donnington, recorded a cover of the Crowded House hit ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’, which he felt contained a perfect message to lift spirits during the Covid-19 crisis.

It’s another step towards a full-time music career for the former Priory School student, who has described his level three Telford College course as ‘an amazing experience’.

He said: “I have been performing since I was five, but the realisation that I wanted to pursue music as a career really took off in around year eight. It helped me through all the bullying that I had, and to grow into a stronger, more ambitious person.”

As a member of Telford Priory School Choir, he performed all over Europe, including Spain,

Ethan Slack | Telford College
Ethan Slack | Telford College

Italy, France, Belgium and Holland.  But he said his time at Telford College had taken his music knowledge to the next level.

“It has been an amazing experience. Since studying here, the way I approach music has changed a lot. I have been able to do things that I never thought possible before, especially with the tech stuff.

“I came to college only focused on performance and I didn’t think that the technical aspects were that important – but I will be leaving with skills that will stay with me forever.”

He added: “I know how to set up a studio ready for recording, the process of recording and mixing my own material, and most importantly how to put on a live gig, taking into account all aspects: performance, tech, promotion and marketing.

“I can’t thank Andy, Vin, Jared, Ben and Lyndsey enough for all the support they have given me during my time at Telford College.

“The skills they have helped me develop will give me an advantage over other students who will not have had the same kind of support.”

Don’t Dream It’s Over was recorded at college just before the lockdown, for a classmate’s project.

Ethan Slack-Wynn, Telford College music student
Ethan Slack-Wynn, Telford College music student

“Once it had been completed, we knew that we wanted to release it,” Ethan said. “We thought that it showed our progress and how much we’ve learnt and developed as artists.

“I also felt it appropriate to release it during this time period because of everything that is going on – I wanted to portray the message that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

“This song suited this perfectly because of the lyrics and the message they convey. For example ‘We know they won’t win’ is a symbolism that coronavirus won’t win, and we will bounce back stronger.”

The video – created while carefully following social distancing rules – was shot in the rolling hills and forests of the Atherstone area, where Ethan’s mother now lives.

When lockdown is over, Ethan plans to move on to Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, or Liverpool Music Academy.

Before that, though, he says he will be publishing some original material on his streaming services over the coming weeks.

He said: “My main aim is to be a successful touring musician, solo or in a band. I wish to change people’s lives for the better with my music, just as artists like Chris Martin and Van McCann did for me. I wish to be an inspiration for the next generation.”

Telford College music tutor Benjamin Fitzharris said: ​”Ethan is passionate about songwriting and performing, and has really developed these skills over the last two years. 

“His dedication to music, paired with his musical talent, will result in a bright future in the music industry.”

Ethan’s latest music video can be found on his Youtube channel, You can also follow his Facebook and Instagram pages, Ethanslackofficial, and @ethanslackmusic on Twitter


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