Exciting future beckons for budding movie-maker Magnus

A Telford College media student has been praised for his ‘incredible work’ on a new music video for a professional rock star, which has been viewed by fans all over the world.

Magnus Kvaerndrup storyboarded, directed, edited – and even starred – in the video for a song on Brian Meacham’s new album.

Brian, originally from Shropshire but now living and working on the Greek island of Crete, praised Magnus for his ‘incredible’ work on the video for You Don’t Know Me Any More.Magnus Kvandrup | Creative Media | Telford College

He said: “I’m sure this young man has an exciting future ahead of him. Not only has he done all of the work himself, he managed to do it in the middle of Covid without access to equipment at college.

“I did not want to have any input on the making of the video – I wanted the maker to have a complete free hand in subject and content. Magnus just had the lyrics, to interpret however he felt.

“Initially I asked if he could put a teaser clip together of 20 seconds or so to start the promotion, and he came up with a corker. I was very impressed and excited to see the finished work.

“Then he sent me the final cut and I immediately started running the video via my page. It was very well received, with views from around the globe.”

Rock music radio station MM also reviewed it, with presenter Skid saying: “I was really impressed with the video – I really enjoyed it.”

Brian added: “Dealing with Magnus felt very much like dealing with a fellow professional; his work was outstanding. I hope this might go some way to helping a young man achieve his ambitions.”

Originally from Denmark, Magnus moved to the UK two years ago, and says he has discovered a passion for film-making since enrolling at Telford College.

He is now on the level three media course, having completed the level two programme last year, and hopes to follow this with a degree in film-making.

Speaking about Brian’s project, Magnus said: “Without I hesitation accepted the offer, although this was a logistically complicated production due to the obstructions that the pandemic had caused.Magnus Kvandrup | Creative Media | Telford College

“During production I had to show a strong sense of independence, confidence and decisive thinking when encountered with logistical issues.

“It helped me understand the sheer amounts of responsibility, consideration and critical thinking that must be taken during an independent film production, especially when directing a crew.

“Being given creative freedom by Brian was a fantastic opportunity for me to apply my own ideas and visual expressions to the piece.

“Working with Brian gave me the opportunity to show people what I’m capable of, and, most importantly, it was a very positive and fulfilling experience.”

Magnus is now also working with the Shrewsbury & Newport Canals Trust on a couple of media products, including a promotional video.

He said: “Studying at Telford College, I am gaining more experience and knowledge around the subject every day.

Magnus Kvandrup | Creative Media | Telford College“I have learnt and practiced a range of technical skills, but most importantly gained incredibly valuable experience within the real industry of media.”

Telford College creative media tutor Joe Adams said: “We work hard to enhance the student experience by giving them chance to work on real and meaningful projects.

“Brian approached us with the opportunity for a student to work on this project, giving them free rein on the visual interpretation and creative approach.

“Magnus took on the task with professionalism and enthusiasm, managing to fully produce the music video, using production and editing skills he’s developed on the course, to meet the professional brief.

“He has worked incredibly hard and demonstrated such an admirable work ethic throughout the challenges of the lockdown, but the resulting video is fantastic!”


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