Fine art students have been commended as part of life drawing project.

On our fine art A level you’ll develop a range of drawing and painting techniques, such as creating composition, perspective, colour theory, anatomy and working from life, whilst exploring tone, texture, shape and form, skills which will help you in your development as an artist.

You will also develop an appreciation of different ways of working from constructing, assembling and understanding pictorial space, scale and structure.

George Huxley, life model, commended the professionalism and maturity of A level students recently when she came to college: “Telford College students are more accomplished at life drawing than some of the university students I pose for.”

Fine art | A level | Telford College
Fine art | A level | Telford College

Lucia Cunningham, fine art lecturer at Telford College, said; “It’s been said that life drawing is to the artist as practicing the scales is to the singer.

“I’m very proud of my students they have all created excellent pieces for this project. Life drawing makes you understand shape and depth, light and shadow and helps you create drawings that seem alive and full of character – probably better than any photograph. It also increases your observation skills.”

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