George is recognised for his ‘outstanding’ attitude

Award-winning George Morris is carving out a thriving career in business administration, after gaining a springboard into work by a Telford College apprenticeship.

George, 20, from Wellington, began working at Newport-based lifestyle product retailer Teamson since March last year, on an apprenticeship supported by the college.

He has now completed his apprenticeship and taken on a full-time job at the company, while continuing his studies on a level three course in business administration.

Teamson’s commercial director Charlotte Pavard said: “George has not only been an absolute pleasure to work with, he has also played a significant part within our business.

“He is always the first employee in the office, is always very helpful, and is always happy to go above and beyond what is asked of him.

George Morris is taking on extra responsibility at Teamson in Newport
George Morris is taking on extra responsibility at Teamson in Newport

“George has grown with our business, and as a result has seen an increase in role responsibility and opportunity to learn many new skills and software platforms.

“He is now running our shipping operations department, and has whole responsibility for this.

“Part of his role is to liaise with third party warehousing in the UK and Netherlands, as week as freight forwarders, transport firms and couriers.”

George was one of just nine apprentices to receive recognition at Telford College’s 2019 Awards Evening, which recognised ‘outstanding achievement’.

Charlotte said: “He completely deserves recognition for his outstanding attitude, behaviour willingness to learn, and generally being an outstanding perfect role model within our business.”

Elaine Gamble, George’s assessor at Telford College, said: “George had been very determined to complete his business administration level two apprenticeship, and completed his work timely and to a high standard.

“During each review meeting, I received excellent feedback from his manager and mentor regarding his actual work tasks at Teamson.

“I am very pleased that George has decided to progress to level three, and with his continued high standard of work, his excellent professional attitude and thoroughly completed coursework – meeting the standard required by the awarding body – I am sure he will achieve this also.”


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