Helping companies to unleash their staff’s full potential

Published: October 13, 2017

How do you unleash the full potential of a promising member of staff, to turn them into a real star performer?

That’s the question which will be tackled at a special event for local employers at Telford College’s Haybridge Road campus next week.

The event, from 8am to 10.30am on October 20, is being run in conjunction with the Pacific Institute, which specialises in ‘creating mindsets for high performance’ and unleashing people’s full potential.

Carol Smith, director of employer engagement at the college, said: “This is an employer and college partnership event to highlight how we can work together to develop learning communities for mutual growth and prosperity.

“We want to involve employers in the development of the Telford College vision, strategic objectives and curriculum so that our students gain the skills to meet the needs of local businesses.

“We aim to be the college of choice for employers and universities – and the way to achieve this is by working closely with employers to become part of their talent management and recruitment strategies.”

The Pacific Institute’s presentation will provide an introduction to creating a high performance, inclusive culture – from young new entrants to senior staff members.

“One of the primary barriers to increasing performance rests with the mindset within the organisation,” the Institute says.

“But to create lasting change, you have to modify the foundation of beliefs, habits and expectations.”

Places are free, but numbers are limited. To reserve a space, search for Telford College & The Pacific Institute on