Is that a Banksy? Ellie plays the imitation game

Is that a Banksy? Ellie plays the imitation game

Telford College art students have been recreating iconic images as part of a project examining the modern-day forms of ‘fast fashion’.

As part of the project, the level three students analysed some of the different creative processes which are used by an array of street artists.

Ellie's Banksy design | Telford College
Ellie’s Banksy design | Telford College

Ellie Hawkins, from Lawley, decided to spotlight the work of Britain’s mysterious and infamous street artist Banksy, recreating his famous ‘Umbrella Girl’ design in digital form.

The stencil painting was among more than a dozen produced by the British artist during a secret visit to New Orleans in 2008.

“I think his work is really inspiring, as it’s about peace, not destruction,” said Ellie, a former Haberdashers Abraham Darby student.

Students have now used their analysis, and the context of this art movement, as inspiration for a project to design garments, accessories and a fashion brand.