Isabel is looking forward to her next healthcare adventure

Isabel Wilson has big plans to become a key hospital worker when she completes her Telford College health and social care qualifications.

She is set to graduate this summer with a level three diploma, having already completed level two, and will then progress to Staffordshire University.

“I am going to study to become an operating department practitioner – that’s the person who takes patients in for their operations, and who makes sure they are comfortable and under the right care for their needs,” said Isabel, from Wellington.

“My role would also involve assisting the surgeons during the operation including passing equipment and collecting more stock, and then taking the patient into recovery.

“I am really looking forward to the next adventure and I was proud of myself when I went for the interview and they gave me a place on the day.”

Isabel said the last two years of her health and social care studies had been the best as she had decided what she wanted to do with her future – making her more determined to get the highest grades.

“As well as doing health and social care, I was trying to get my maths level two, which I passed last year, and that gave me the courage to ask to do GCSE maths which is where I am now.”

Isabel said her diploma course had been more challenging than she had expected, as the

Isabel Wilson from Wellington

course work was more in depth.

“It has meant I’ve have had to analyse and explain why I’d used certain references, which is very different to the other course I have done, but it was a good feeling handing in work that I was proud of.

“The main thing I’ve enjoyed was being able to have a little more freedom with work placements and on how we completed the course work.”

Isabel said her time at college had given her a better understanding of life and had helped her to mature.

“When I started college at the age of 16, I was an outspoken person who always gave an opinion which sometimes would offend people because I didn’t really think before I spoke.

“But now, I feel I’ve matured and I am understanding life better, and I realise that you can’t always say things out loud and you must take others into consideration within class decisions.

“This is the biggest thing I have learned, and I am happy and confident with the person I have become.”

And Isabel has some advice for students joining the college in September – just be yourself.

“Don’t be nervous in class when putting your hand up, and make as many friends as you can because it’s best to get on with everyone and then you will enjoy the college atmosphere a lot more. And remember to enjoy yourself because the time goes quickly!”

Sarah Cadenne-de-Lannoy, learner manager at Telford College said “She has always been a very hard-working student and has had to face challenges due to her health which could have set her back. But this has never held her back, and she worked really hard to catch up and achieve the best grades she possibly can.

“We are immensely proud of Isabel and wish her every success as she carries on her journey to university to become an operating department practitioner.”


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