It’s CSI Telford . . . criminology students are on the case

You don’t need to be a forensic investigator to work out why Telford College’s criminology course is proving so popular.

The evidence is clear to see . . . it opens the door to some of the most exciting job opportunities around in the criminal justice system.

The level three course is one of many eye-catching options at the college’s 7th Form, which delivers a wide range of A level courses.

The criminology course is a two-year level three programme split into four units – changing awareness of crime, criminology theories, crime scene to court, and crime and punishment.

It is a mixture of theoretical and practical studies, judged through a combination of exams and assessments, and Telford College currently has more than 100 students enrolled on the course.

Away from the classroom, they have recently visited the Supreme Court in London, and the

Telford College | Criminology students Daniika Pryce (left) and Morgan Williams gathering evidence
Telford College | Criminology students Daniika Pryce (left) and Morgan Williams gathering evidence

former Shrewsbury Prison, as part of their studies.

Morgan Williams, 18, a former Ercall Wood Academy student from Telford is currently in her first year, and combining criminology studies with psychology and sociology.

She is hoping to use the qualifications as a springboard for a career in the probation service, working with young offenders.

“I’m really enjoying criminology A level; we cover a broad range of areas including why people commit crimes, and it’s really interesting,” she said.

“Telford College’s 7th Form is really good. The teaching staff are always available to give us the support we need, and there’s so much for students to get involved in, I would definitely recommend it.”

Another first-year criminology student is Daniika Pryce, 16, from Telford. The former Hadley Learning Community student is also studying sociology and English combined.

She said she chose criminology because she is interested in following it up with a policing degree at university.

“Criminology is one of my favourite lessons,” she said. “It’s fascinating learning about crimes – not only how they were committed but also but also explore why.

“I’ve settled into 7th Form really well. I feel very comfortable here. In addition to my studies, I’m a class rep for criminology and a student ambassador.”

Criminology tutor Mel Rooney, said: “Not all types of crime are alike. This course is of particular interest to students who are interested in what different types of crime take place in our society and what kinds of crime exist.

“It tackles a wide range of questions including how we decide what kind of behaviour is criminal, and examines the roles that different people play when a crime is detected.

“If you want a career in the police force, legal professions or forensic sciences, this is the perfect course for you.”

Holly Davies, head of 7th Form at Telford College, added: “You’ll gain the required knowledge to be able to consider employment within some aspects of the criminal justice sector, or use the qualification to support access to higher and further education.

“There is also a newly launched apprenticeship in policing, and this course is a perfect grounding.

Criminology combines well with psychology, sociology, law and history, but it is also valuable as a broadening course when combined with natural sciences and creative disciplines.”

More details about the criminology programme, and other 7th Form courses, will be available at Telford College’s next open event on Saturday March 21, from 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Information will be available on A level, vocational, part-time and university-level courses. Please register below


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