Lauren is committed to her midwifery ambitions

Health and social care student Lauren Annand has put her studies to one side to help out at a Telford residential home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The 19-year-old, who now lives in Shrewsbury, is putting skills she has learned at Telford College into practice at Farcroft in Wellington – but still has a career in midwifery in her sights.

Lauren, a former Charlton School student, signed up for a level three certificate in health and social care at Telford College.

She said: “I enrolled on this because I have always wanted to be a midwife, but with health and social care you don’t just have to go down one path – there are hundreds of jobs in that area to choose from.

“During the pandemic I have been w

Lauren Annand | Telford College
Lauren Annand | Telford College

orking at Farcroft, and to see everyone pull together in such a hard time to really support one another has been amazing.

“Not only that, but also to see how hard the NHS works and the recognition they have had, has been beautiful, because they don’t get enough of it.”

Lauren said she enjoyed the interactive nature of lectures during her time at Telford College.

“The college tried to make the lessons as fun as possible, but would also make sure they knew you understood what was being spoken about, and what tasks were.”

She added: “I would say my midwifery career dreams are on pause at the moment.

“I’m taking a path which is slightly longer to get to my goal, but working in care will help me learn. I am going to work my hardest to get there, and make my dream come to life one day.”

Elaine Colley, health and social care tutor at Telford College, said: “I’m sure Lauren will achieve her dream of becoming an excellent midwife. She is determined, and is now on a path to

Lauren Annand, who is now working at the Farcroft residential home in Wellington
Lauren Annand, who is now working at the Farcroft residential home in Wellington

achieving the life skills needed.

“She will be a huge asset to the care home – when she talks about her role there, her face lights up. This is lovely to see.

“We talk in class about the ‘six Cs’ – care, compassion, communication, courage, commitment and competence – and she is now getting chance to talk with authority about how those are used in practice.

“As a tutor this is wonderful to hear, as they are the values every nurse or midwife should work to.

“We look forward to Lauren returning to Telford College in a few years on the access to health professionals course, which will be her next step to a place at university, and fulfilling her dream.”


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