Merger opens up new opportunities, say students

The merger of Telford College of Arts and Technology, and New College Telford, has opened up a whole new world of opportunity for learners.

That’s the view of three student council members from the King Street campus, who were speaking during a fact-finding week at the Haybridge Road site which will become their home from September.

Manmeet Singh Uppal, Jake Sadler and Daihak Singh are among the first former New College Telford students to spend time at the main Telford College campus.
They described the merger as a positive development which would provide access to a wider range of modern facilities, and make them feel part of a dynamic and growing college.

At the Haybridge Road campus are, from left, student council members Daihak Singh, Jake Sadler, and Manmeet Singh Uppal
At the Haybridge Road campus are, from left, student council members Daihak Singh, Jake Sadler, and Manmeet Singh Uppal

“I can honestly say I’ve not encountered people showing any bad feeling towards this merger,” said Manmeet, from Donnington, who is in his first year at King Street.

“There’s no doubt that people from the old New College might feel a bit scared about moving over to Haybridge Road in September, but it’s only natural to get some new place jitters.”

The student councils from the two campuses have come together to form one group, but are also continuing to hold individual meetings while both sites remain open.
Jake, from Dawley, whose studies include computing and music event management, said most students tended to just ‘go with the flow’, but said it was important for staff to keep them as informed as possible about changes to their routines.

“As members of the student council, we have been kept fully informed,” he said.
Daihak, from Leegomery, is studying physics, maths and music event management. He said: “I feel that the colleges have tried to make the merger process as easy as possible.

“The student council at King Street is talking about giving students the chance to have some swap days over at Haybridge Road, so that we can gradually ease into the change, rather than all arriving here for the first time in September, and that’s a good idea.”

The trio said the merger gave former New College Telford students access to more facilities, and said it also meant that large groups of friends who had previously been split between the two campuses would now be able to study together.

The next Telford College open day, showcasing a range of courses including A levels, vocational options, apprenticeships and university-level qualifications, is on March 10, from 10.30am to 12.30pm. For more details, see


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