College Mythbusters: your questions answered

Published: June 14, 2017

College Mythbusters

Hi, we thought we would help you by putting a few of those myths to bed about coming to college. Whilst coming to college is a new experience it’s honestly not a scary one.

Student sits in front of PC for promotional photo

AAT Accounting student Amy Craddock

Will I get treated the same as I am at school?

When we ran a student survey recently, one of the main things said was that our students love the amount of independence they get. When students enrol at TCAT we treat you like adults and we provide space and opportunities to learn, and together with university standard facilities we give everyone the best chances to progress after college.

Media students

Media students

I bet I have to wear a uniform?

On some of our courses you need to wear a course uniform including public uniform services, sport, hair and beauty, otherwise, you’re free to wear whatever you want so come to TCAT to be who you want to be.



Tutor and student at PC

Paul Wynn supporting a plumbing student

Has my tutor worked in the industry they teach?

Our tutors are friendly, helpful and qualified. You will be given the opportunities to learn and supported by professional staff throughout your study programme by staff who have spent years in industry learning their skills to pass on to you.




Student, friends, enjoying TCAT

Students in the Student Hub having fun

Will I make new friends?

Moving away from school and making new friends is a big thing but it’s something our students love about TCAT. Ok, in your first week it can be a bit scary but you will soon meet some really good friends, hopefully, friends for life.




Student at work

Annabelle Pritchard at her apprenticeship at Telford and Wrekin Council

What can I do next?

Most of our students go into apprenticeships, full time work or university. We design our courses around what skills apprenticeship employers are looking for, what work ethic you need at university and what qualities an employer is looking for. As part of our study programmes you will complete work experience and develop those employability skills that are vital in life.


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