National Parliament Week is a great success

Published: December 6, 2017

Telford and Wrekin council leader Shaun Davies talking to students at Telford collegeNational Parliament Week 2017 was 13-17 November. It was celebrated up and down the country with the aim to encourage the public to engage with the work of Parliament, explore how history has shaped our democracy and empower them to get involved.

Sarah Fawcett, law lecturer at Telford College, arranged an informative week at King Street campus where students could get involved with local politics and find out about the key roles of Parliament.

Shaun Davies, whose local constituency is Dawley, Dawley Bank and Malinslee visited to King Street campus where he fielded questions from law, English, health and geography students.

Shaun was asked about the pressure of being politically correct in every part of his job: “Being politically correct has a huge impact in your message so you need to be precise with your words.”

Qasim Tufal, an A level law student, asked: “Why did you get into politics?”

Telford and Wrekin council leader talking to students about the display they created for National parliament week | a levels | careersShaun explained: “Because, as a resident of Telford I could see things I wanted to improve, it was apparent that to make changes in a community I needed to join the borough council.”

Simon Wills, an English A level student, asked Shaun: “What changes have you implemented?”

Shaun said: “I had a direct impact on youth employment ensuring students have the right skills to move into local jobs.”
Shaun’s message to all students was: “Young people don’t benefit well from elections because young people don’t vote so please make sure you get out and vote when you’re old enough.”
Visit Telford College tasters to find out more A level information

Visit Telford College tasters to find out more A level information