Praise for college’s ‘second to none’ safety measures

Praise for college’s ‘second to none’ safety measures

A top Shropshire businessman has praised Telford College’s ‘second to none’ safety measures after visiting the Covid testing centre on campus.

Paul Hinkins, managing director of Business Watch Guarding Limited, also chairs Telford Business Board, and has served on the board of the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership.

He currently chairs Telford College’s corporation, and visited the Haybridge campus to experience the work which has been done to turn the college sports hall into a Covid test centre.

Paul Hinkins | Telford College
Paul Hinkins takes a lateral flow test at Telford College’s on-site testing centre

“This was my first Covid test, and team members Jemma Thorneycroft and Emma Williams took me though the process and made the whole experience easier,” he said.

“The safety measures at Telford College are second to none; careful consideration has been taken every step of the way when implementing what needs to be done.”

He added: “Right the way through the pandemic, Telford College has been leading the field. We know what we are doing and I think that this has shown with what I have experienced. It is very organised.

“The safety of students and staff must come first. We managed to implement blended learning and recognise education is at the forefront of what our students need to keep their education process running.

“We’ve learnt a lot from this experience over the months, and the blended leaning approach which has been developed here is going to continue into the future.”

Since the start of this year, Telford College’s test centre has already carried out around 2,500 lateral flow Covid tests, and staged around 1,800 vocational and practical exams, under strict safety guidelines.

The college is now gearing up for a phased return of many more students from March 8 – in with safety, student achievement and wellbeing as the clear focus.