Praise for Telford College’s ‘incredible’ music course

Telford College’s ‘incredible’ music course is hitting all the right notes for Kimberley Okai, who has her sights set on becoming a piano teacher.

The 19-year-old, now living in Malinslee, is in her third year at the college, and on the final stages of a level three music course.

She moved to the county from north London, where she was previously studying at Kingsmead School.

“The music course is incredible,” she said. “We are given the freedom to create our own sound, from the beats to the lyrics, and allowed to express ourselves to achieve our full potential.

“The support is unlike other schools I have been to; you build a real trusting relationship with the teachers.”

kimberley okai | music | Telford College
Kimberley Okai has her sights set on becoming a piano teacher

After graduating this summer, Kimberley is planning to study education at the University of Wolverhampton.

“I would love to teach piano for my future career – passing on the discipline and patience you need for the skill would be really rewarding.”

She added: “Telford College really is a place you can enjoy yourself and have fun whilst learning and preparing yourself for your future.

I thoroughly recommend the music course. It really shows you where you can go in life, what path you can take and how you can achieve your career goals.

“The facilities and equipment are everything you need. You don’t need to worry about creating a bedroom studio at home because you can do everything here.

“The course gives you a greater understanding of how vast the music industry is and how many job opportunities there are. It shows that you really don’t need to be the biggest star to get somewhere in the industry.

“We explore our strengths, weaknesses, interests and abilities within so many aspects of the industry.

“We have even had a few lessons in adult life skills such as taxes and insurance, so we really are prepared for later life.”

Music tutor Ben Fitzharris said: “Kim is an extremely hard-working and dedicated student, and has made huge strides over the last few years.

“She originally joined Telford College as a level two art student before later joining the level three music course, and has definitely pushed herself to achieve her full potential.

“Kim has been able to write, record and produce her own music, in addition to learning about the music industry as a whole.  She has learnt about becoming a freelancer in the music industry, and this has really helped her to focus her career progression.

“Kim is passionate about music, and loves working with people, and I expect her to make an excellent piano teacher in the future.”

Telford College is throwing open the doors of the campus for an open event on June 23, when there will be an opportunity to find out more about the latest music courses, and view the facilities.

For more details, or to register, see

  • Read more about our music course HERE
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