We reflect on 7th Form following our first half-term 7️⃣?


We have checked in with a few of our students in the 7th Form and asked them to reflect on their experience so far.

After starting college 2 months ago, they have revealed how they are enjoying a more flexible approach to learning, where traditional A level studies go hand-in-hand with mentoring partnerships involving major local employers. In our new academic centre dedicated to A level studies, there is a study hall, revitalised classrooms, IT facilities and a purpose built virtual and augmented reality suite. Here, students have the option to follow one of four distinctive career pathways: business, finance and legal; creative industries; social sciences and humanities; and science, technology, engineering & maths (STEM).

Chloe Williams, 18, from Hadley, began her journey at the King Street campus last year – studying psychology, history and applied science and said she was excited to have now transferred to the 7th Form site.

“The campus is a vibrant, open and friendly place. It gives 7th Form students the chance to connect with a wider range of people, including higher education and the vocational students. There are many more opportunities here and it’s a great chance to hang out and make lots of new friends. People are learning with a smile on their face here.”

Scott Foster, 17, from Perton in Wolverhampton, is in his first year studying psychology, religious studies and sociology. He came to Telford College after briefly joining another sixth form.

“The campus is really nice, and the atmosphere is a lot more relaxed when you compare it with schools and other sixth forms,” he said. Other first-year students who have been speaking about how much they are enjoying their experiences include Samuel Stokes, Lucas Griffiths, and Meg Armstrong-Brown.

Samuel, 16, from Albrighton, is a former Isdall School student who is studying further maths, maths and economics and hoping for a career as an accountant.

He said: “The investment which has been made at the college site is great. It is a really relaxed and good environment, and tutors give you the freedom and flexibility to study in the best way you want.”

Lucas, 16, a former pupil of Hadley Learning Community, is studying maths, further maths and physics with his sights set on a career in architecture.

He said: “I came to one of the college’s open events and it was very interesting to see what has been done here. Not only is the college very convenient for me, living in Hadley, but there is so much going on here, with a chance to meet new people.”

Meg, 17, from Muxton, is a former student at Newport’s Burton Borough School who has enrolled at the 7th Form to study maths, further maths, biology, and film studies.

She said: “I came here mainly because the college offered the specific subjects I wanted, and I’ve already seen enough to know that I definitely prefer college life to school. People have a much more mature approach here, and you have a greater freedom and control over the way you want to study.”

Holly Davies, head of 7th Form, said: “Students can enrol here with the confidence of knowing that their qualifications are current and relevant – because leading employers and UK universities have worked with us to help shape the study programmes.”

We are holding our next open event on 23 January from 5pm to 7.30pm, offering you the chance to meet tutors and students, and tour the facilities.


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