Ryan delivers a ‘quality’ service for Telford technology company

Telford College apprentice Ryan Jones is climbing through the ranks at technology company Entanet, after being recognised for his technical skills and keen eye for detail.

Ryan, 22, from Sutton Hill, is on an advanced apprenticeship in IT, software, web and telecoms, and began working at the communications provider early last year, initially as a member of the service desk team.

But he quickly graduated to the quality assurance section at the company’s Partnership House headquarters in Telford town centre.

Tomos Lloyd, software development manager at Entanet, said: “Quality assurance has become one of our most important functions, and I believe that Ryan is someone who has helped us to grow it.

“The quality assurance role requires someone who is technically good; a strong character that can drill into scenarios during meetings, and with a keen eye for detail.

“These people are the ones who define the scenarios before a developer works on a task, and are the gateway to a new feature making its way to production.

“If a bug is found in production, questions are asked of the quality assurance analyst – so the role requires someone who can accept responsibility and work on improving the process going forward.”

When Ryan demonstrated he had the aptitude for the role, he moved onto a full-time project for the department, working on hosted voice (VoIP) projects.

Tomos added: “Since arriving at Entanet, Ryan has become a valuable member of the VoIP team, quality assurance function, and the department as a whole.

“When he is at Telford College on a Tuesday, his presence is missed and it does have an effect on the speed of new features being released.

“To get Ryan to the next level, we will be working on improving his technical skill further to allow him to automate all testing for the VoIP team.”

Ryan’s goal is to become a software developer, and Tomos said the technical skills needed to perform his current Entanet role would definitely help him to achieve his ambition.

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