Stitching together new friendships on TCAT crochet course

Published: November 30, 2016

A group of Telford women have been creating their own Christmas gifts – and forming fantastic new friendships – on a crochet course for beginners.

The group have just completed the six-week programme at Telford College of Arts and Technology, under the watchful eye of TCAT tutor Jo Roberts.

Among them was Wendy Holton from Randlay, who said: “I’ve never crocheted before, and I’ve learned more than I thought. I’ve tried buying the kits and books and teaching myself but having tuition from Jo has made it easy for me to learn.

“I’ve created a shawl which will be a Christmas present for a friend, various colourful granny squares, bunting and flowers. Crochet is something I always wanted to do, and the TCAT course allowed me to learn a new skill; I’m really proud of myself.

“Now I’ve learned the basics I’m going to try to make lots of other things – and I’m looking forward to Jo’s next course in February.”

TCAT’s community outreach worker Vikki Naughton advertised the beginners’ course on Facebook, posting it in the ‘What’s On In Telford’ directory. She said: “The average age on this course was 58, and it shows it’s never too late to learn something new.”

For Chloe Parker from Horsehay, it was also family occasion. She said: “I’ve literally never crocheted, knitted, sewed or done any other kind of craft. I enrolled because my mom saw it on Facebook – and she also enrolled because it was a really nice mother/daughter thing to do.

“We were not expecting anything else, but what we have gained is seven new friends who we have started meeting up with to crochet together. It’s fantastic.”

TCAT’s crochet expert Jo Roberts said: “It’s been really lovely to see everyone achieve what they set out to, and watching the group form such a wonderful friendship has been perfect.

“The group have grown in confidence in their abilities, and actively helped each other when they were stuck.”

Jo is running a free taster session on Tuesday 6th December from 10am-1pm ahead of her next five-week course, which begins in February. For more details, call TCAT on 01952 642237.


Photo: The crochet group at TCAT, including Wendy Holton (left) Jo Roberts (standing), and Chloe Parker (third from right)

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