TCAT to host new ‘Defence Lab’ training sessions

Published: August 2, 2017

A Shropshire man has called on his experience as a close protection officer and doorman to launch a unique new business venture – which will be hosted by Telford College of Arts and Technology.

Ravi Shergill has studied most disciplines of martial arts for many years and now, following months of individual one-to-one training, has become an international instructor for the Defence Lab martial arts system, gaining his Black Belt.
Defence Lab is a Global network of self defence and fitness facilities and was formed by UK-born friend of the stars Andy Norman, a renowned martial arts expert who has worked on many big movies – with action heroes such as Daniel Craig, Tom Cruise, Liam Neeson and the late Heath Ledger.
Ravi has been personally training with Andy Norman for the past four years and will complete his journey by being the first to have a franchise of the Defence Lab operation in this region with dedicated training sessions to be hosted at Telford College of Arts and Technology.
Currently working as a security officer, Ravi formerly worked as a door security official in Shropshire, Wolverhampton, Birmingham and London and at major venues throughout the UK for many years.
He has also been gaining close-protection qualifications and working with high profile businessmen and celebrities, and many well-known stars including David Hasselhoff.
Ravi, from Telford, said: “I have studied most forms of martial arts since my youth including Krav-maga – as used by Israeli defence forces – and full-contact mixed martial arts alongside Thai Boxing, SAVATE and KFM, but Defence Lab techniques have proved to be a revelation and the answer to my prayers.


Defence Lab founder Andy Norman with Ravi Shergill of Telford new Martial Arts business launch

“I am thrilled to be fully qualified as an international instructor and to be launching this new business venture, enabling me to pass on my training skills and help students to achieve their own goals and ambitions through first class methodology.
“The Defence Lab principle is different to the traditional style of martial arts that people are used to and I urge them just to give it a try.
“They can come along to free trial gym-based classes at TCAT where the superb facilities include air conditioning, showers, changing rooms and free parking or I can provide personal tuition anywhere for groups or individuals.”