Telford College ‘nurses’ Emma through difficult times

Published: September 12, 2017

Emma Nagington arrived at Telford College low on confidence, and was unsure what she wanted to do as a career.

Now, after achieving stunning grades on her health and social care level three course, she has secured a place at Birmingham City University on her road to becoming a children’s nurse.

Emma, 18, from Ketley, enrolled at Telford College in 2015, and was initially projected to achieve low grades after a difficult first year.

But she says it is thanks to her inspirational tutor Andrew Shouli that she graduated with two distinctions and a merit, as well as being accepted by her number one university choice.

“I wouldn’t have done it without the amazing support from Andrew and others at Telford College,” she said.

“Throughout the first year of college I also had a part-time job where I was doing full-time hours, and found it hard to find a balance between work and college.

“I became demotivated as I was so unsure what I wanted to do in the future, and everyone around me was getting top grades and wanted to go to university.

“I often lacked confidence, and there were many of times where I wanted to give up. But this is where Andrew supported me the most – he could always see my potential and knew I’d do well.”

After two years of research and three different work placements as part of her Telford College studies, Emma decided she wanted to go to university and study children’s nursing.

“I still had doubts about myself not believing I’d be able to get my personal statement up to the standards, and that I’d be too nervous for an interview – but I ended up with an unconditional offer at Birmingham City University.

“I believe if it weren’t for all the skills I had gained from Telford College and all the health staff supporting me, I never would have been able to do it alone.

“My tutor at Telford College was my number one inspiration and I’m sad to say my journey at college is now over; it was such a happy place to learn.”

Emma will be leaving Telford to live in Birmingham in January – something she says she could not have imagined doing when she first walked through the college doors.

“Although my journey wasn’t the easiest, I still managed to achieve the triple grade distinction, distinction, merit which I am extremely proud of. I believe my journey throughout college only made me stronger and built on my confidence.”

Andrew Shouli said: “Emma has travelled an interesting and at times quite a challenging journey, where she had struggled with both self-belief and confidence.

“The idea of university was completely off the radar, as she had always believed that she wasn’t academically good enough.

“However, following three very positive work placement opportunities, Emma was able to reflect and recognise her skills and potential.

“Emma was an exemplary student who worked extremely hard to achieve high grades. Without doubt she was an inspiration to her peers, and I know she will make a fantastic children’s nurse.”

Emma with lecturers Tracy Leah and Andrew Shouli at Telford College’s celebration of achievement event

Emma with lecturers Tracy Leah and Andrew Shouli at Telford College’s celebration of achievement event