Unfinished business for isolated artist Hayley

Art student Hayley Hannaford is refusing to let social isolation prevent her from completing her exam work.

The 17-year-old Telford College A level student has been turning her home into a makeshift studio.

So far, she has already built a floral installation in her kitchen, and started dying fabric with vegetables.

Telford College | Hayley Hannaford A level Art
Telford College | Hayley Hannaford A level Art

It’s all part of an exam project which she said she was determined to complete before hopefully moving onto Nottingham Trent University for a fine art degree course in the autumn.

“I’ve learnt more than ever at Telford College, and have grown into a style and practice which I completely love – flowers and butterflies,” said Hayley, from Bilbrook near Codsall.

“No matter what happens with my grade, I’ll always be happy with what I’ve learnt and what I’ve achieved – but I’m going to continue creating art and complete my exam project, because I can’t leave it unfinished.”

She added: “Dying fabric has been a success so far; I’m going to try out some more colours then see how I can translate that into a bigger piece.”

Hayley says she has been inspired by the likes of British installation artist Rebecca Louise Law, best known for artworks created with natural materials, like flora and fauna.

“Next, I want to create some studies based on Hurvin Anderson – I’ve been interested in this abstract style and am wondering if people look at the environment in a more abstract way.”

Telford College | Hayley Hannaford Art pic
Telford College | Hayley Hannaford Art pic

“I think I’m going to Nottingham Trent university, I’m not 100% sure yet but I believe university will be good for me to develop my art and learn even more.

Telford College art tutor Simon Wilks said: “Hayley has always demonstrated a passion and love of fine art.

“She would travel miles down south to butterfly farms for the research of projects, and spend hours painting and challenging herself to learn new techniques and concepts at college.

“Hayley is a great artist who fully engages in the creative process – she is inspired by the world around her and has developed her own visual language to create skilful and powerful work.

“Even as an isolated artist Hayley continues to challenge herself, and shows a focus and commitment to continue with exam preparation work during this testing time.

“Our students know how important it is to continue with their studies during this time of national crisis.”


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