Unlocking cyber secrets is top of Freya’s wish list

Unlocking cyber secrets is top of Freya’s wish list

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A Telford College student with ambitious plans to work at the highest level of the cyber security world says her course is the key to career success.

Freya Bishop is studying for a level three computing hardware qualification, and her career plans include a potential apprenticeship with the civil service or the Government’s security network, GCHQ.

“My favourite part of the course is the cyber security modules – although it’s considered to be quite a scary topic and industry, it’s one that helps people the most in the real world,” said Freya.

“After college, I am hoping to progress to an IT apprenticeship specialising in cyber security with the civil service or at GCHQ. I’m keen to work on the more preventative side of the industry making sure companies have the right security and precautions in place.”

Freya, who is back in the UK after spending several years in America where her father served in the armed forces, said she chose Telford College as the courses on offer were the best match for the career path she was aiming for.

“I would recommend the computing hardware course as it not only teaches you the skills and knowledge to succeed in the industry, but you also learn life skills too.

“We are treated like adults and we learn our value as a person in today’s world. We also learn different perspectives on how technology can help the world for the better, by economic, ecological and assistive means.”

Freya said the Telford College lecturers really knew what they were talking about.

“They teach us in a way that makes it easy for us to understand the basics first, and then how the technical industry language applies to the basics to develop our understanding further.

“I’m really enjoying my course and I’m very excited about the potential of a future career in cyber security – I really can’t wait.”

Martin Seymour, Freya’s tutor, said: “Freya is a shining example of students coming from not only other areas, but also other countries to study computing here with us at the college”

“Freya has a bright future ahead of her is cyber security and we wish her all the best as she leaves in September after two years of learning with us.”

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